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Enhance Mobility is the exclusive US distributor of the most popular, industry leading folding travel scooters available today, the Triaxe Sport, Mobie Plus, and Transformer. These scooters are designed to be light weight, portable and fun.

All of our scooters are approved for airline travel so you can take it with you wherever you go.  What better way to save space in your cruise cabin than one of our folding electric scooters.

Recreational Vehicle owners love our scooters. If you are an owner of an RV Dealership, campground or Tour operator find out more about our special programs designed especially for you.

Enhance Mobility is also proud to announce its latest scooter.  The Triaxe Sport  combines  light weight, performance and long distance in one sleek looking package.  Released at MedTrade in Las Vegas on March 1st. The Traxe Sport is able to reach speeds of 12 mph and and travel 35 miles before needing a charge.

This scooter is breaking new records for sales. Find out more today about the Triaxe Sport. Combine the Airline friendly travel battery and soft travel case and you are ready to head for the skies.  What better way to save space in your cruise cabin than one of our folding electric scooters.

The Transformer is the only fully electric folding scooter on the market today. Offering a range of original and unique features this scooter is ultra-portable and boasts a 300lb weight capacity. The Transformer opens and closes automatically by remote remote control.  The Lithium ion battery is incredibly lightweight and along with the scooter is airline friendly.

The Mobie Plus is a manual folding travel scooter that has a 300 lb capacity, 4mph top speed and can double its standard 13 mile range by adding an onboard spare battery.

Enhance Mobility is actively building out its dealer network in the USA and Canada.  Contact us today about becoming a dealer!

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